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Empowering Equality: WOW Festival Brand Identity


Octobre 2021 - today
An ongoing projet

Embarking on the creative journey for the WOW Festival, a pluri-disciplinary celebration focused on promoting gender equality was an inspiring endeavor. As the architect behind the festival's visual identity, my aim was clear: to craft a brand that resonates with a broad audience, sparking conversations and raising awareness.

Why yellow ?
The bold choice of a vibrant, flashy yellow serves as the festival's visual cornerstone, accentuating the undeniable "wow" factor. This color not only captivates attention but symbolizes the festival's commitment to standing out and making a bold statement on gender equality.

Symbolism in Design:
The sideways "O" in the logo carries a profound message. It spotlights a misplaced element in society, urging us to address and correct it. This intentional design element becomes a visual representation of the festival's mission, to push for positive change and place the missing piece back into the societal puzzle.

Versatility in Visibility:
The carefully crafted logo is designed to shine both in large-scale banners and on smaller promotional materials. This ensures that the festival's identity remains impactful and recognizable across a diverse range of mediums.

Colors with Purpose:
Purple, a powerful symbol of women's rights, takes center stage in the festival's color palette. The additional flashy and pop colors infuse a sense of festivity into the visual narrative, creating an atmosphere of celebration. These colors, dynamically chosen, are poised to evolve with the graphic trends of the moment, ensuring the festival stays visually relevant.

Typography for Impact:
In crafting the textual elements, I opted for bold lettering for announcements—an intentional nod to the importance of the voices being heard. This choice is juxtaposed with a thinner and more elegant font, creating a harmonious balance that reflects both the professional artistic nature of the festival and links back to the design of the logo. This deliberate pairing ensures clarity and avoids any confusion with institutional imagery.

The WOW Festival's visual identity is more than just design; it's a statement. A call to action, a celebration of progress, and a visual journey that evolves with the changing tides of graphic expression.

Let the visuals speak, let the conversations flow, and let the change begin.

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