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The Cock and Bull

Social media content, photography, décoration and graphic design

Posca window art / graphic design / Social media content creating



For an extensive stretch of time, I've had the privilege of fostering a dynamic and creative collaboration with The Cock and Bull.

The exterior of The Cock and Bull transformed into a canvas, reflecting the vibrancy within. Through window decorations that mirrored the warmth and character of the establishment, I aimed to captivate passersby, inviting them into a warm world of an English pub.

The Cock and Bull's online presence took on a visual identity that echoed the festive and friendly atmosphere. From eye-catching promotions to engaging content, social media became a platform where the essence of The Cock and Bull seamlessly translated into the digital realm.
This ongoing collaboration is more than a series of projects—it's a narrative. It's about understanding the heartbeat of The Cock and Bull and translating it into a visual language that patrons cannot only see but also feel.
creative partnership that has evolved with the establishment, reflecting the growth, innovation, and ever-inspiring spirit of The Cock and Bull.

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